Soccer Academy

Our Soccer Academy program which focuses on player development over team development and focuses on the technical development of each child without the pressures of short-term wins/losses/results. We have licensed soccer coaches that work to develop ball skill and decision making in the game. We work to create a fun and dynamic atmosphere for players and to help educate parents on how to understand the sport and their role as a support of their child’s development. Our program is sanctioned by STYSA and follows recommendations and guidelines from US Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation for developing the best soccer players in Central Texas.

u7/8 "Pre-Academy" - The youngest members of our academy. We play a local league structure with approximately 7-8 local games here in Salado with the added benefit of optional participation in a beginning and end of season Festival in Manor, Tx with CAYSA. At each Festival we play 2 games against other academies across Central Texas.

We practice the kids together in a gender specific practices, with licensed coaches along with parent helpers and work on the basic skills of soccer that all players must master in order to progress.

Our local games are primarily broken down by ability to allow each child to grow at their own pace, and have chances to succeed, as well as be challenged . There are no set teams but squads set each week to face off against one another. This allows for even matchups to keep all the kids learning the most they can. There are little to no subs to keep the kids playing as much as possible because that is when they learn not sitting on the bench. The coaches and parent helpers present are working for both teams to maximize the kids growth. It is all about creating a fun and educational experience for the kids. Click here to register

u9/10 Academy - The oldest members of the academy. They play in the CAYSA Academy travel league in which we play approximately half our games at home and half away with the additional beginning and end of season festival. We practice the gender specific squads together focussing on age appropriate primarily technical and slightly more tactical learning. Click here to register for more advanced travel option.

Given limited numbers we generally don't have a local league for this age. We instead offer a limited local option for kids/parents not quite ready for travel soccer who practice at least once/week with our squads and get a few games throughout the season from squads that travel to Salado to play our travel squads. Click here to register for possible local option.