Use of Courts

In general there is no need to book. The courts are, however, reserved for specific uses at a few times each week:

  • Sunday and Tuesday 10.15 - 12.00 Club mix-ins.
  • Coaching Sessions (usually Friday afternoons in term time)

· Footwear. Players must wear tennis shoes or similar sports shoes with non-ridged non-marking soles. This is for personal safety and to protect the courts from damage.

· Playing Conditions. Players must take responsibility for deciding whether the courts are fit to play. Do not play if the courts appear icy (do not attempt to de-ice courts with chemicals as this may seriously damage the surface). Leaves from the trees behind the courts can cause playing problems and create a safety hazard when wet. The Committee will try to ensure that leaves are cleared regularly during the autumn but brooms are available in the hut.

· End of play. If there are no other players on court when you leave, it is your responsibility to return any club equipment (e.g. balls, brooms, chairs) to the hut and ensure that both the courts and hut are locked.