We are a friendly village club which welcomes players of all standards. We have two excellent hard courts in the south-east corner of Rogate recreation ground just behind the White Horse. There are adult mix-ins on Sunday and Tuesday mornings and coaching opportunities for both adults and children. Great value - only £85 for a family of five. For details/application form, please go to Join


Individual members can play singles with each other - but there will be no mix-ins. Doubles are not permitted, except for four players are all from the same household.


· Do not play if anyone in your household has symptoms.· Wash hands thoroughly, before and after (take sanitiser if you can). · Observe social distancing rules when travelling to the courts.· Don’t socialise before or afterwards· Nobody should enter the courts apart from those playing.· Keep your distance when entering, wipe the lock or use a glove.· Only use the hut if essential – e.g. to access the medical kit.· Do not lower the net at the end of play· Lock up afterwards, including the hut if you have used it.


Read and follow LTA Guidelines for tennis players on how to maintain distance while playing. In particular: changeover on opposite sides (or dispense with changeovers altogether) and avoid handling tennis balls other than your own. There is no specific evidence that tennis balls can spread COVID-19 but they advise this as a precautionary measure. Either use separate sets of marked or wear a glove on your non racket hand.

The situation and guidance may change at short notice. We will do our best to inform you of changes in good time but this may not always be possible.