Working Papers:

Natural Disasters in Support to Dictatorships: Evidence from Brazil

with Diogo Baerlocher, Francisco Cavalcanti, and Rodrigo Schneider[Link]

Impacts of Credit Program on Employment and Income in the Brazilian Semiarid Area

Presented in: 62nd North American Regional Science Council (NARSC), Portland, USA, 2015

Impact of public irrigation projects on poverty in the Brazilian semi arid area

with Yony Sampaio. Presented at the 62nd North American Regional Science Council (NARSC), Portland, 2015

The effects of intergovernmental transfers on inter and intra regional inequalities in Brazil

with Yony Sampaio. Presented at the 63th North American Regional Science Council (NARSC), Minneapolis, 2016.


Regional funding and regional inequalities in the Brazilian Northeast

Regional Science Policy & Practice. 2020;12:43–59. (with Luiz Carlos Ribeiro, Debora Cardoso, Kenia Barreto Souza, and Edson Domingues)[Link]

In Portuguese:

Poverty in the Brazilian Northeast: a multidimensional analysis

Revista de Economia Contemporanea, n. 19, v.1, p. 74-96. July, 2015 (with Yony Sampaio).[Link]

Trade Potential and Effectiveness between the Brazilian Northeast and MERCOSUR

Revista Economica do Nordeste, 2013, 42(2) (with Diogo Baerlocher and Joao Policarpo R. Lima)[Link]

Promoting the financial sector as a regional development strategy - the Brazilian Northeast case

Revista Desenbahia, n. 15 / sep. 2011 109-127, 2011 (with Alexandre Rands Barros)[Link]

Decomposition of T-Theil index: an analysis of income inequality in the Northeastern states of Brazil

Revista Economica do Nordeste, v. 41, p. 433 - 454, 2010 (with Tatiane de Menezes) [Link]