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Share Storytelling Heart-to-Heart
with Reid Miller

Why Storytelling in Education? 
Reports from my educational storytelling programs:

· Seventeen (17) times more books were read than ever before after 8 weeks, 1 day a week, of my storytelling visits in Dodgeville, WI.

· Student reading, comprehension, written, and spoken language skills improved 20% after attending 2 days of storytelling programs in Elburn, IL.

·  An angry Laotian boy whose father was demoted from Army General to dish washer when his family sought refuge in the USA was a model student after 4 weeks of days of storytelling visits , 1 day a week, in Madison, WI.

·  Students tested at the top of the scale when the elementary language arts program was revived after a 4 week residency in Nekoosa, WI.

·  Young Hurricane Katrina victims were smiling, light-hearted, optimistic, attentive, and focused again after 15 days of storytelling programs from Biloxi, MS, to New Orleans, LA.

· Students created and operated peer mediation, bullying prevention, and reconciliation programs through a 2 semester series of storytelling programs on respect, cooperation and teamwork in Mt Horeb, WI.

        These are only a few of the many success stories about storytelling in education.  Teachers were required to pass a course in storytelling in Teachers College as recentely as mid-20th Century. 
           Storytelling is a universal human experience.
  People everywhere tell stories.  Storytelling activates the brain's cognitive and sensory receptors, and creates better listeners, thinkers, and presenters.
To educate and entertain, countless generations throughout
the ages have told stories.  
In the classroom, around the campfire, at the dinner table, on the picnic blanket, on the train platform, in the board room, on the celphone
we reflect on and prepare for life through telling stories.
Whatever happens there is a story in it.  My storytelling performances feature traditional folktales, faerie tales, fables, wonder tales, and original stories.  My dances, songs, and puppet shows tell stories, too.  My mission is relating to people heart-to-heart by sharing stories.