Reading Emotions* is a research interest group, bringing together researchers in psychopathology and affective neuroscientists at the University of Reading, and our collaborators in the UK and internationally

We organise the annual Reading Emotions symposium, an inter-disciplinary affective neuroscience meeting. It is typically held in mid-June, in the beautiful campus of the University of Reading

Our research expertise covers:
  • Emotion perception and regulation
  • Emotional and regulatory development across the life-span
  • Emotion-cognition interaction, including decision-making, attentional and inhibitory processes
  • Pain, its experience, regulation and management
  • Genetics of socio-emotional behaviour
       "llustrations of heads showing joye, tristesse,
       etonnement and adversion" in Louis Charles
       d'Ourches Bigarures'  manuscript (1705-14),
       Wellcome Library, London.