Reading  Emotions  Symposium
Saturday  7th  September  2013

R e w a r d   &   S o c i a l   L e a r n i n g

In 2013, the symposium formed a satellite meeting for the joint annual conference of the British Psychological Society Developmental and Cognitive sections. We explored reward and social learning processes from a developmental neuroscience perspective, with talks, poster presentations, and (lots of) informal discussion.


I r o i s e   D u m o n t h e i l
Department of Psychological Sciences, Birkbeck, UK

A n t o n i a   H a m i l t o n
Social Cognition Lab, Nottingham, UK

A n n a   v a n   D u i j v e n v o o r d e
Brain and Development Lab, Leiden, the Netherlands

E s s i   V i d i n g
Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit, UCL, UK