Rules of Play

  • Dress Code: Denim/Jeans are prohibited. A collared shirt is required.
  • Two people cannot share a set of golf clubs.
  • Always check in with the pro shop prior to play, even if you are a member of Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club.  Please check in at least 15 minutes prior to your tee time.
  • League members are responsible for assuring that their guest(s) check in and abide by the club and league rules.
  • Make sure you are aware of the day's rules of play (which holes are cart-path only, pin placements, etc.) before teeing off.
  • Remember to check the league's website for the weekly game format instructions prior to play.
  • Please remember to fill the divots you make on the course with the sand provided in your golf cart. Filling a few of those left by others as well is always greatly appreciated.
  • Play should not exceed 2:15 hours for 9 holes and 4:30 hours for 18. Playing under these times is greatly appreciated.
  • To speed up play, bring several clubs to your next shot when you are uncertain about which club you will need.  If you are near the green, bring your putter too.
  • Pick up your ball when you reach double par, the maximum number of strokes per hole for league play.  
  • A maximum of 42 handicap strokes will be applied in league competitions.
  • In league play, tall heather and fescue grass can be considered to be a lateral hazard. The standard drop (two club lengths from the point at which the ball crossed into the hazard, one shot penalty) will apply.
  • In league competitions, your ball may be removed from a divot and placed outside of the divot, no closer to the hole.
  • Lift, clean and place will be in effect on rainy days or when overall course conditions are wet.  (Mark your ball, clean it, and return it near the marked position.)  This applies to balls in the fairway only.