Membership and Meetings

Our next in-person meeting will be in October, 2022.

We'll post the date, time and program when available.

Please check back at the end of summer!

The Society's members get together twice a year: May, and the annual business meeting in October.

At the October meeting officers and board members are elected to serve various lengths of terms.

Membership runs from Oct. 1 - Sept. 30.

Dues include the Dog River Crier newsletter (published in May and October of each year):

Household $25.00

Business $50.00

Lifetime $250.00 (All Lifetime membership dues will go directly to the Endowment Fund.)

Have questions about membership? Email us at:

NHS Membership Application

Click on the above link to download the membership form.

Yearly membership fees are due in the Fall (by the date of the October meeting).

You may use this form to join or renew your current membership.

Have questions? Please Contact Us!