About Minnesota Fire Engine Club

We are a group of hobbyists who collect real working fire apparatus that have been retired from service. These fire apparatus are still fully functional and we do many things as a club. Some of which are: Parades, demonstrations for the public.

Activities Include: Hooking the trucks up to hydrants, drafting water from a lake, stream or pond, raising ladders, re-enactments with turnout gear and apparatus. Vehicle maintenance, or just sitting around the shop talking about the trucks. It's all based on fun!

Volunteering: Volunteer as much or as little as you want. Spring, summer, and fall.

Membership: Our annual membership is $20. The membership year is February through January. Dues accepted after November 1 apply to the next year.

Minnesota Fire Engine Club Board

Henley McNulty


Trevor Clouse

Vice President

Lindsey Krause


Rich Klahr


Gary Lawrence

Board Member at Large

Allison Christenson

Board Member at Large

Minnesota Fire Engine Club



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Castle Rock, MN

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