Media and policy work

Economic Impacts of COVID-19 and Developing Countries' Social Protection Response

Effective Behavioural Messaging in the Context of COVID-19

Active Labour Markets Interventions

Aspirations Interventions in Ethiopia

Voter education in South Africa

  • Discussant for Mmusi Maimane, leader of the South African opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, at his public lecture Protecting South Africa’s Fragile Democracy at the London School of Economics. Re-broadcast on London-based TV channel ‘London Live’

  • Radio interviews: 702 radio (South Africa)

  • Op-ed from the Business Day, South Africa's major daily newspaper

Taking interventions to scale

Each project I work on delivers dual outputs: a paper that uses variation in treatment with an intervention to answer theoretical questions, and a tested, costed policy intervention that can be rolled out at scale if it has benefits. One trial is with the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, a South African NGO that aims to reduce unemployment among South African high school graduates by assessing and training youth and providing them with bridging services to a network of employers. We co-developed a report that certifies workseekers assessment results on psychometric tests in multiple domains. Assessing workseekers' skills , and allowing them to share the certification with firms substantially increases employment and earnings.

The MBRG Oxford team, JPAL-Africa and Harambee developed an implementation toolkit and detailed costing analysis so labour market service providers could use the intervention 'out the box'. They're currently piloting the version that might scale in Johannesburg and Rwanda.

Before my PhD, I worked with the Young Lives longitudinal survey of children in Ethiopia.

Young Lives research on child work and schooling

Young Lives School Survey in Ethiopia

Young Lives/Bernard van Leer Foundation work on early childhood in Ethiopia