R Codes and Datasets

Here you can find the R codes of some algorithms I have been using in my research. The script "Examples.R" [.R fileshows how the algorithms already available can be implemented in the R environment. To make everything work smoothly, download all the .R files into the same folder, open "Examples.R" and run each example. You can also download the all-in-one zip file [.zip file]. For any questions or comments, please contact me at jean.golay@unil.ch.

This work is shared under a creative common license. Please check it out.

MINDEX_SP [.R file] [paper]: the multipoint Morisita index for spatial patterns (version 25.05.2019).
logMINDEX [.R file[paper]: the multipoint Morisita index in 1, 2 or higher dimensions (version 25.05.2019).
MINDID [.R file] [paper]: the (multipoint) Morisita index for intrinsic dimension estimation (version 25.05.2019).
MBRM [.R file] [paper]: the Morisita-based filter for redundancy minimization (unsupervised feature selection) (version 25.05.2019).
MBFR [.R file] [paper]: the Morisita-based filter for regression problems (supervised feature selection) (version 25.05.2019).

In addition, here is the R code for generating the butterfly dataset [.R file] [paper] with a given number of points.

The R package "IDmining", including the R codes provided on this page (but not only), is now available on the CRAN repository.