Work in Progress

  • Competing Property Rights, with L. Wren-Lewis.
  • Do School Fees Deter Migrants from Bringing their Children to the City - Evidence from China, with H.-A. Dang and Y. Huang.
  • The Global Land Rush - revisited, with R. Arezki and C. Bogmans.
  • Transport and Agriculture in Africa, with B. Blankespoor, C. Berg and Z. Li.
  • Transport and Natural Resources in Africa, with R. Arezki, B. Blankespoor and C. Berg.
  • Urban Growth in Mali. A Spatial Lens, with S. Meslé-Somps, G. Spielvogel and B. Blankespoor.
  • Identifying Land Tenure Using Very High Satellite Imagery: an Application to Bamako, Mali, with U. Deichmann, D. Ehrlich and B, Blankespoor.