About Us

The Goetz Family

Three Generations of the Goetz Family

About Us

Our family has been stewards of the same land since 1905. In the late 1970s, our farm transitioned from grain and livestock to produce. Since that time we've been marketing our produce at farmer's markets including the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, Downtown Farmington Farmer's Market and Chelsea Farmers Market. (See our Locations for details). Recently we have also been supplying fresh produce to several excellent restaurants including Zingerman's, Fresh Forage, Juicy Kitchen, Grange Kitchen and Bar, Spencer's, and the Detroit Street Filling Station.

Three generations of our family provide the energy and expertise to operate our farm. We welcome CSA members to come and get to know us at our annual farm day.

Our Growing Practices

We believe the key to healthy produce is healthy soil. We work hard to incorporate cover crops, manure, and compost into the soil. Our efforts to improve the soil yield rich benefits in the flavor and nutrition of our produce.

Although we are not organically certified, our farm uses many organic practices. We favor vigorous cultivars and are continually trialing varieties to select those with optimum flavor and nutrition, the same way that good farmers have for generations.

Food safety is also a priority for our farm. We personally oversee the harvesting and packing of our produce to ensure that the produce from our farm is not only healthy but also safe.

We began offering a CSA program in 2012. For more information on the CSA program please see our CSA page.