This is a list of various links to newspapers, groups, associations and companies that we've partnered with, to help make the Society successful.

Donora Public Library - this is the local library and proud partner of ours, where they have a a dedicated history room with microfilm of older newspapers starting from 1905.  On occasion we hold some of our presentations in the Community Room in the lower level to accommodate larger crowds.

Donora Military Banners - this is Donora's Military Banner Tribute Program.  The application form can also be found on this site.  The Donora veterans listing on this site does not appear to be complete.  By clicking on each name you can see the actual banner.  This site does not give the location where the banner is displayed in town.

Donora Fire Department - 1948 Smog - This story is a page about the 1948 Smog on the Donora Fire Department's website.  The Fire Department was considered to be some of the first responders during the October  Halloween weekend of the 1948 Smog.

Silver Lining - by Philadelphia author Andy McPhee.  This is a Blog of short stories about Donora as McPhee continues to uncover interesting topics during his exhaustive research for a larger project.  McPhee is proving to provide as much information for the Historical Society as we've provided for him.

Atlas Obscura  - also by Andy McPhee.  This story was shared from his Silver Lining Blog and is titled "5th Street Steps" and is dedicated to longtime historical society member Rose Marie Iiams, who is no longer with us.

Borough of Donora - this is our community's central location of most of the events happening within our town.  This also contains the information needed to contact the Borough offices for a variety of questions or concerns. 

The Mon Valley Independent - our local Mon Valley newspaper.

The Herald-Standard - Mon Valley - based out of Uniontown, this paper has numerous articles dedicated to our local Mon Valley.

The Observer-Reporter - Mon Valley - based out of Washington, this paper has numerous articles dedicated to our local Mon Valley.

South Hills - Mon Valley Messenger - you can read about the latest Society news in this monthly newspaper for the Mon Valley area.
Washington County PA Historical Society - this is our parent historical organization at the county level.
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission - this is our grandparent historical organization at the state level.

Washington County History and Landmarks Foundation - this is a private, non-profit educational organization which encourages the preservation of buildings, landmarks and structures of Washington County, PA.

Heinz History Center - this is the regional history center that specializes in Western Pennsylvania history in general and Pittsburgh history in particular.  We have a few photos on display at this museum.  We are also a member of the History Center Affiliates Program (HCAP) and are scheduled to give presentations on Donora topics in 2014 and 2015.

Monessen Historical Society - a neighboring historical society.  Monessen is the town that lies almost directly across the Monongahela River from Donora in Westmorland County.  Due to our similarities in steel heritages, we share a great deal with this Society.  
Monongahela Historical Society - a neighboring historical society.  Monongahela is the town just north of Donora on the Monongahela River in Washington County.   

Charleroi Historical Society - a neighboring historical society.  Charleroi is the town just south of Donora on the Monongahela River in Washington County. 

Rostraver Historical Society - a neighboring historical society.  Rostraver is the town just east of Donora on the Monongahela River in Westmorland County.  Rostraver has a shared history with Donora related to the 1948 Smog and the Donora-Webster Bridge.

Brownsville Area Revitalization Corporation - a neighboring historical society and heritage center.  Brownsville is a town south of Donora on the Monongahela River in Fayette County. 

California Area Historical Society - a neighboring historical society.  California is a town south of Donora on the Monongahela River in Washington County. 

Washington County Community Foundation, Inc. - this organization is responsible for a broad range of county wide philanthropy.  The McBride-McMaster Fund grant that we received in 2010 kick-started our Bruce Dreisbach glass plate negative development project. 

Bernies Photo Center - this photo shop, on the North Side of Pittsburgh, is one of the few around that has the capability to handle and process glass plate negatives and helped us a great deal with our Bruce Dreisbach glass plate negative development project.  They also operate a photography museum called Photo Antiquities (see below). 

Photo Antiquities - owned by Bernies Photo Center (see above) and located just two doors down on the North Side.  This photographic history museum is a must for the photo enthusiast.  The collection of photos and equipment they have on display is astounding.  They boast having the world's largest Civil War photo collection, amongst others. 

Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area - Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation conserves, interprets and develops historical, cultural and recreational resources throughout western Pennsylvania, including the eight counties that comprise the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area surrounding Pittsburgh.

Visit Washington County PA - the Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency.  For 2012 the Smog Museum was named as one of fifty reasons to visit Washington County, PA.

Uncovering PA - a Pennsylvania travel blog written by Jim Cheney who visited the Smog Museum in April, 2014 and wrote about the Donora Historical Society and Smog Museum - Uncovering PA - Donora Smog Museum

Betsy Chou's website on 1948 Smog - Concordia University (Shanghai, China) student - Betsy Chou's Environmental Issues class project.  See Betsy and her family in our Gallery tab.
Pioneer Productions - the London, England based documentary company who is working with The Weather Channel on a documentary on the 1948 Smog.  See the film crew in our Gallery tab.

Ebbets Field Flannels - the Seattle, WA based company that makes our 1938 Donora High School baseball throwback #16 Stan Musial jerseys.  See the jerseys in our Merchandise tab.

Eldora Park - the most inclusive site dedicated to the history of Eldora Park by Mr. Richard Rockwell.

Gilmore Cemetery - Donora - this cemetery predates Donora by a hundred years
St. Michael's Cemetery - Donora / Carroll Township
Mon Valley Memorial Cemetery - Donora / Carroll Township
Monongahela Cemetery - Monongahela - comprehensive records at the cemetery office
Sacred Heart Cemetery - Monongahela - comprehensive records at the cemetery office
NOTE:   These cemeteries links are NOT inclusive of all graves, which means that just because your relative is buried there, doesn't mean you will easily find them in these online records.


Visit PA - Visit PA Travel site - Donora Historical Society and Smog Museum.

Trip Advisor - Trip Advisor Travel site - Donora Historical Society and Smog Museum.


The Mesothelioma Center - Steel Mill Workers - Provided by the Public Outreach Department of  Those who work in steel mills (or other occupations) are at risk of asbestos exposure and developing mesothelioma, a rare cancer that can take 20-50 years to develop.  Because asbestos was used in steel mills as a common insulation material from the 1940s to 1970s, workers were exposed to this toxic material while performing their daily tasks, and those risks exist even today.  In general, this site offers extensive information on asbestos and free support and services for individuals seeking local doctors, treatment centers and support groups.

Mesothelioma Hub - Education. Treatment. Legal Advice. Hope.  More than 3,300 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year. This rare cancer is caused by exposure to asbestos, but it can take years to develop. Although the prognosis for mesothelioma has historically been poor, new treatment options are offering patients renewed hope. Mesothelioma Hub connects you to a treatment information, legal advice, and the country's top mesothelioma specialists.

NOTE:   This list is not meant to be comprehensive and will be added to as additional links are provided or discovered.