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The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) - or headquarters

The ASCDS web site for further info on all the local groups, and the ASCDS festival held annually in Nottingham.

Links to local groups are below:

The Danum Dancers, our nearest fellow group who also dance in Doncaster, but on a Tuesday.

Doncaster U3A Scottish Country Dancers, meet on a Friday morning (U3A non-members also welcome).

Sheffield RSCDS

Retford RSCDS
Rotherham Scottish Country Dancers

The Scunthorpe Scottish Country Dance Club
Sheffield University Ceilidh Soc
Other stuff!
Scottish Country Dance Dictionary

Video footage of the real Pelorus Jack, thanks Kjell for info!

RSCDS Leeds Shop
The shop sells Scottish Country Dance books and CD's, and stocks a large range of shoes including Ballet shoes, ladies pumps and Ghillies.



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