Your Languages, Your Future

This year, Cambridge Bilingualism Network is focussing on community languages education, particularly highlighting the advantages of pursuing a qualification in a mother tongue other than English. We've made a short film, 'Your Languages, Your Future', which features local secondary school students and the Cambridge Vice Chancellor talking about their experiences of multilingualism. (And we're also delighted to have been mentioned in an article in The Guardian, here.)

The film is designed to be used in schools and communities as a springboard to discussion about multilingualism. It could be shown in an assembly, in class time or to parents to raise questions like, ‘what is the value of multilingualism?’ and ‘what’s the point of keeping up community languages?’

We hope this will be the catalyst for starting clubs, classes or groups based in schools or the local community which young speakers of community languages can be a part of. For some languages, there is a GCSE on offer. Working towards it is a great way of gaining literacy or a more academic register in a community language, making it useful for the work place later on.

Watch this space for more information and resources to help you in encouraging community languages!

If you'd like a member of the Cambridge Bilingualism Network team to visit your school to talk about bilingualism, then do drop us a line!

“we’re glad we took it because we’re much more confident when we speak and we actually know how to read things”

“to take a different language makes you more of an interesting person”

“It’s good to be able to speak the language that my parents speak, and I won’t forget it.”

Below you can download:

  • an information letter for schools about the film
  • a transcript of the film