Dances We Do

These are dances we do almost every week to "warm up" for the first hour (except when we have beginner classes).  Some of the links are to YouTube sites where you can watch the dance done by "folk" (meaning not performance quality so watch the leader if you can).  Some of the links are to pdf files of the instructions.

Vranjanka (Serbia)
Mari Mariiko (Bulgaria) (see attached file below for instructions)
Kortanc (Hungary)  
Zemer Atik (Israel)
Rumelaj (Rom)
Opsa (Serbia)
Dramskoto (Bulgaria)
Idam ne Idam (Bulgaria--choreographed by Yves Moreau)    instructions:
Coco Jamboo (almost the way we do it)
Tokyo Polka -- Line dance choreographed by Richard Powers
Ivanica (Macedonia)
Never on Sunday (Hasapico from Greece)
Linerender (Norway choreographed by Alix Cordray)
Hora Boreasca (Romania)
Kvar Acharey Chatzot (Israel)
Hora Lui Dobrica (Romania)
Hora de la Soroca (Romania)
Syrtos (Greece)
Ini Vitui (Romania)
Setnja (Serbia)
Ketri Ketri (Rom)