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See the list below to download all our Newsletters and Bulletins since 1989, plus some other documents. (Some of these are large downloads).

If you would like to contribute an article, news item or event information for the next BIG bulletin (current editor: Peter Hall) please contact BIG.

Many thanks to Nigel Partridge for re-scanning Newsletters 2 - 8 so that their text can now be searched electronically; all newsletters (except no. 1) and bulletins are now searchable.

Presentations from BIG meetings

NEW: a range of talks to download, presented by members of BIG at our recent meetings


Ants, bees and wasps in Buckinghamshire - VERY DRAFT checklist (not fully verified) - Harvey 2008.pdf

Caddisflies in Buckinghamshire - checklist - Killeby and Harvey 2006.pdf

Craneflies in Buckinghamshire - DRAFT checklist - Harvey 2007.pdf

Ground beetles in Buckinghamshire - checklist - Telfer and Harvey 2007.pdf


BIG Bulletin 30 - spring 2020.pdf

BIG Bulletin 29 - spring 2019.pdf

BIG Bulletin 28 - spring 2018.pdf

BIG Bulletin 27 - spring 2017.pdf

BIG Bulletin 26 - spring 2016.pdf (6.6MB)

BIG Bulletin 25 - spring 2015.pdf

BIG Bulletin 24 - spring 2014.pdf

BIG Bulletin 23 - spring 2013.pdf

BIG Bulletin 22 - spring 2012.pdf

BIG Bulletin 21 - spring 2011.pdf

BIG Bulletin 20 - spring 2010.pdf (high res version, 3.6MB) - NB this is at a higher resolution than the one that was emailed to members, and has better quality photos

BIG Bulletin 20 - spring 2010.pdf (low res version, 1MB)

BIG Bulletin 19 - spring 2009.pdf

BIG Bulletin 18 - spring 2008.pdf

BIG Bulletin 17 - spring 2007.pdf

BIG Bulletin 16 - spring 2006.pdf

BIG Bulletin 15 - spring 2005.pdf

BIG Bulletin 14 - spring 2004.pdf

BIG Bulletin 13 - spring 2003.pdf

BIG Bulletin 12 - spring 2002.pdf

BIG Bulletin 11 - spring 2001.pdf

BIG Bulletin 10 - spring-summer 2000.pdf

BIG Bulletin 09 - winter 1999/2000.pdf

BIG Newsletter 08 - 1997-1998.pdf

BIG Newsletter 07 - winter 1996.pdf

BIG Newsletter 06 - undated 1994.pdf

BIG Newsletter 05 - undated 1993.pdf

BIG Newsletter 04 - undated 1992.pdf

BIG Newsletter 03 - undated 1991.pdf

BIG Newsletter 02 - undated 1990.pdf

BIG Newsletter 01 - undated 1989.pdf