Perpetual Preservation SystemTM

The most accurate Aquatic plant fertilizers



PPS-Classic system is the most specific fertilization system. It runs aquariums without water changes for years and also with water changes at regular intervals. As a routine it does involve some weekly to monthly testing. It is designed to fertilize any size aquarium, with any light intensity and any substrate.
Chemicals: Can be ordered from any supplier of choice.
Digital scale: Can be ordered from eBay, Office Depot, Staples, etc. very inexpensive, just a basic one in grams.
Bottles: Find some used five same size bottles, plastic or glass. Soft drink, Coke, shampoo etc.
Formula: We use PPS-Classic Solutions Recipe Calculator to find chemicals for each bottle.

Example of 500 ml bottles.
Pour into bottle SS, 16 grams of K2SO4, 20 grams of KNO3, 6 grams of KH2PO4.
Pour into bottle PF, 20 grams of K2SO4, 20 grams of KNO3.
Pour into bottle NF, 33 grams of K2SO4, 6 grams of KH2PO4.
Pour into bottle Mg, 169 grams of MgSO4
Pour into bottle TE, 24 grams of dry Trace Element mix
Fill up all bottles with soft water to the 0.5 litre size and shake. Wait over night until dissolved.
Testing: For the first month or two recommended testing is once a week for NO3, PO4 and Mg. Later aquarium becomes predictable and easy to manage and require testing once a month.
Dosing: The Typical Daily Dosing chart provides us with what a typical tank requires with respect to PPS-Classic dosing.
As each tank is different we recommend this table as a starting point which is to be used in conjunction with the Advanced PPS-Classic Dosing Calculator guide.


Advanced PPS-Classic Dosing Calculator Guide

The PPS-Classic dosing system has been shown to be a reliable method of providing required nutrients to many hobbyists in a variety of applications, lighting conditions and size of aquariums. With time and experience we have developed this Calculator to further improve and simplify dosing procedures. Bellow are descriptions and illustrations with examples on how to use the calculator. Download the Advanced PPS-Classic Dosing Calculator.

1. On the left side is the Entry Data section and on the right side the Results. A helpful message pops up when an input cell is highlighted. Note that only the white highlighted boxes require input from you

2. Enter the size in gallons or litres, in the Red circle highlighted above.

3. Next, in red circle is the Present Daily Dosage. Enter the ml and drops of all solutions that you have been dosing on a daily basis

4. Next is the tested period. Enter the length of time between testing in number of weeks. Note that the calculator requires the number of weeks between testing periods to determine the amount of nutrient uptake by your tank and to determine your daily dosage requirements. Accordingly, the tested period should correspond to when you tested and the test results you will input in the levels after period.

5. Enter tested levels before period in ppm. (this corresponds to your present tank reading)

6. Enter tested levels after the period in ppm as indicated. The testing period should correspond to the "Tested period" entered above.

7. Enter the levels you want to have in your tank.

8. Read the new quantity of solutions to be dosed daily. Quantity is in mls or drops or combination of both. Then adjust dosing accordingly and enter these revised values in the "Present daily dosage" section.

9. Read the present daily dosed levels in ppm.

10. Read the present daily uptake by plants in ppm. For information purposes only.

11. Read the new daily dose levels in ppm. A result of the Next daily dosage. For information purposes only.