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Environmental Science

Welcome to APES! You will use this site many times throughout the school year. Check in each unit for helpful documents, videos, and additional resources for your APES class.

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  • Concept checks are assigned every Monday unless otherwise specified. They will typically be over assigned textbook readings. If a concept check is missed, it will be taken the day the student returns, in class. If it is not made up by the following Monday, it will become a ZERO.

Test Make Up: If you are absent for a test, the test must be made up within one week upon your return. Click here for test make up protocol.

TEST REMEDIATION (CRISS CROSS): If you are absent for test remediation (criss cross), you will have the opportunity to re-take the test individually during test make ups on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See test make up protocol above for instructions on test make ups.

Daily Schedule Spring 2023


Check the daily schedule!

Links to things you might need:

APES Policies and Procedures/Syllabus - Includes tutorial schedule

Beginning of Year Docs-(tutorial schedule, metric conversion chart, FRQ tips, FAQ's)

Textbook- Environment, 8th Edition, Raven and Berg : See google classroom for instructions on setting up the textbook. You will need a code from your teacher.

AP College Board site - for useful resources and exam registration