Teacher Support

Technology can be a transformative tool for teaching and learning. It has the potential to bridge gaps between students, teachers, local and global communities, particularly when reducing equity gaps and increasing access is prioritized. PGPCS has prioritized access to technology by providing all students with a device for learning, making our district 1:1 and completely wireless.

With the barrier to access removed, we can utilize technology in 1:1 classrooms to ignite innovative approaches to personalized, student-centered learning.

Why Empower Learners in 1:1 Classroom?

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ISTE standards frame the work we do as educators and leaders to provide clear guidelines to support our students with the skills and knowledge needed in the digital age. ISTE standards align to the characters we want to see in PGCPS students and graduates. (PGCPS Learner Profile)

Learn more about the ISTE Standards

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Where do I go for help?

Support exists internally and externally to utilize technology effectively. Reach out to your internal team first before contacting district support.

Tier 1 School Team

Assigned team to help with basic technical support

Engagement and Technology Lead

Instructional support for staff

Elementary Tech Coordinator

Basic technology support for staff, students, and families.

Technical Support

IT Technician, Help Desk

Broken device, Account issues

Essential Operational/Instructional Support

T3 Staff

SchoolMax, Oracle, Canvas, Interactive Flat Panels, Technology Resources for District-Approved Tools

Quick Links

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Help students take responsibility for their digital lives

Resources and strategies for classroom management and digital wellness

Lesson Design & Delivery

Resources and strategies for planning lessons with digital tools/content