Spectra Pump Rentals (S1 and S2)

Rentals available for Spectra S1. $50 deposit due at time of rental. Rental fees are as follows: $10/day, $20/week, $40/month. First time renters get 15% off pump accessories!
Nipple Crack $11.99
Curve Day Washable Nursing Pads $27.99
Rachel's Remedy Breast Relief $21.99
Down There Relief $16.99
Soothies Cooling Gel Pads$12.99
Milk Boost Tea Lemon$
Milk Boost Tea Milk Thistle $
Nursing Blend$19.99
Cash Cow $19.99-$44.99
Liquid Gold $19.99-$44.99
Pump Princess$19.99-$44.99
Sunflower Lecithin$19.99
Ola Bottles 4oz-8oz$28.99
Ola Bottle Nipples (0-3m, 3-6,m 6+m)$6.99
Ola Bottle Pump Adapter $8.99
Ola Bottle Storage Lids$8.99