Student Points of Safety

COVID-19 Video Overview

Copy of 3 September, 2020 - Loom Recording.mp4

If you have answered YES to any of the above, you may not enter any Pasadena ISD facility until all of the following criteria have been met:

  • At least 24 hours have passed since the recovery of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications,

  • AND you have an improvement in symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath,

  • AND at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

  • OR you may provide a negative COVID-19 test result (testing should occur 3-5 days after symptoms onset or 5 days after the date of last exposure) or written clearance with an alternative diagnosis from a medical professional in order to return sooner.

Daily COVID-19 Screening (English & Spanish)

Bus and Transportation Information

Bus Transportation Notice:

Families are encouraged to transport, if able, students to and from school during the pandemic. Please see page 7 on the Back to Class 2020 publication for further transportation protocols.

Update - 2/10/20211:

Please note the following changes for Pasadena High, effective Thursday, February 11, 2021:

Bus #4 – Mr. Portillo:

Perez & Ave A @ 6:18am / 2:56pm

Perez & Dunwick @ 6:20am / 2:55pm

Perez & Skylark @ 6:22am / 2:54pm

Perez & Queens @ 6:24am / 2:53pm

Skylark & ValleyForge @ 6:30am / 2:57pm

Bus #48 – Ms. Rodriguez:

2602 Shaver – Chasewood Tr Pk @ 6:26am / 2:56pm

John & Gulf @ 6:33am / 2:53pm

West & San Jacinto @ 6:35am / 2:52pm

West & Oak @ 6:37am / 2:51pm

Please have students waiting for the buses five minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up times listed. Please contact our department if you have any questions.


Transportation Department

2020-2021 Bus Schedule for PHS.pdf

Student Supplies

    1. Supplies

      • Multiple Masks

      • Notebook and Paper

      • Pen and Pencils

      • Backpack

      • Hand Sanitizer. (Every Classroom will have sanitizer)

    2. Technology

      • DEVICE FULLY CHARGED (and charger) to school every day and

      • EARBUDS! They may carry their device in a backpack.

  1. Are You Eating Breakfast?

  • If you are eating breakfast here, arrive at 6:45 AM.

    • You will eat breakfast quickly and socially distanced and then go to Homeroom (AKA Mentor Group).

    • No loitering or congregating in the hallways or outside the building.

  • If you are not eating breakfast here, arrive between 6:50 and 7:10.

    • You will go straight to Homeroom (AKA Mentor Group) as soon as you arrive.

    • No loitering or congregating in the hallways or outside the building.

2. What is the Bell Schedule?

3. Where is my Mentoring/Homeroom?

*If the column is empty you are Virtual Learning. You will have have the opportunity to change your choice on September 21st.

4. Once in Homeroom.

Mentor Group Time (AKA Homeroom) first thing Tuesday morning!

· Students will receive important information and instructions at this time.

· Students will receive a paper copy of their schedule.

· Students will receive a photo ID. This MUST be worn at all times in school!

o Do not lose it! It costs $5 to replace! Freshmen will also receive a green lanyard!

o If student want an updated picture, it will cost $5 to replace. (But this will not be an option for at least a few days.)

Students Expectation at School

Throughout the day, you must maintain social distancing requirements.

· Face coverings (masks and/or shields) will be required at all times. (Except when sitting AND eating in the cafeteria.)

· Students and teachers must maintain 6 feet of separation between all others at all times. This includes the hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, bathrooms, etc.

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