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An Interview with Wrestling Champ Josh Palacio

By Grace Conlin

Our very own Junior Joshua Palacio recently took second place at the NJSIAA state wrestling tournament! Here are some words of wisdom from an interview with Josh.

Grace: How long have you been wrestling?

Josh: I’ve been wrestling for 6 years.

Grace: What is your favorite thing about wrestling?

Josh: Wrestling is fun, and the bonds you create with your teammates are amazing.

Grace: Do you have any tips for people getting into wrestling now?

Josh: Just have fun and work hard.

Grace: What place did you win at the match?

Josh: I took 2nd place at the state tournament.

Grace: What type of preparation did you go through to prepare for this match?

Josh: I would go to North Bergen High School after school for practice, then go to my wrestling club [for more practice]. Before each of my matches, my best friend would call me and mentally prepare me for each of my matches.

Josh went into the State Championship tournament as the 11th ranked wrestler in the state, and was able to finish as 2nd overall. Congrats Josh!

D|Fab Showcases CTE Skills

By Grace Conlon

The D|Fab showcase was a wonderful display of all our talented students and CTE teachers. Each class showed off their recent work. If you didn’t get a chance to go, here are some highlights. Mr. Bolich and some of the Wood Tech students showcased their impressive pieces they have made! Over at the Industrial Design & Animation table, taught by Ms. Simon, the iconic Mr. Fuda ornament made an appearance on their poster about problem solving. At the Architecture station, Ms. Batista’s students showed off their impressive and intricate projects they’ve been working on. Also, the Computer Science class led by Mr. Abaun demonstrated some games that they programmed with some cool prizes. You also couldn’t miss the super cool robot made by the robotics students, led by Mr. Peles. All of this is done at our very own school in the D|Fab wing!

Understanding Cancer Tissue Engineering with Professor Marcin Iwanicki

by Leah Garcia and Dr. Nina Lavlinksaia

On March 1, 2022, Professor Marcin Iwanicki from Stevens Institute of Technology delivered a talk on Cancer Tissue Engineering. His lab utilizes micro-fabrication, a combination of cancer tissue engineering, and CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing to understand mechanisms behind ovarian cancer initiation, metastasis and drug resistance.

Dr. Nina Lavlinksaia, one of High Tech's BioMed instructors, invited and organized this talk in the Black Box Theater that included about seventy students. Students were very impressed by the details of Professor Iwanicki’s research. They were captivated by the videos of a tumor’s outgrowth shrinking in the response to a particular medicine. There was a particular interest in clinical research stemming from laboratory work. Dr. Iwanicki specifically mentioned the importance of collaborative work and gave credit to undergraduate and graduate students working in his lab. He also mentioned our own former student, Fernanda Velasco, who as a participant of the SEED Program sponsored by the American Chemical Society, worked in person one summer in his lab, and then, the next summer continued a collaboration with the lab via Zoom. Fernanda was very successful in her research when modeling the cancer tissue growth in a petri dish. She presented results of her research at the Hudson County ShowCase and was recognized with awards.

Dr. Iwanicki was greatly impressed with our students. They asked him numerous questions regarding the process of getting drugs approved for implementation and general cancer metastasis. Some of the questions stimulated the development of new ideas for research, confessed Dr. Iwanicki. Students did not want to stop asking questions. At the end of the event, Dr. Iwanicki invited students to come and do research in his lab or simply to come study at Stevens. With the opportunity now presented before them, we can’t wait to see how the students from High Tech High School will continue to further the developments made with Cancer Tissue Engineering.

Black History Month Banquet.mp4

Black History Month Banquet

Selah Maple

High Tech hosted a Black History Month Banquet featuring songs, dance, poetry, and speeches, along with a moment of silence for those who are struggling. It was a great event to cap off the celebration of Black History Month. Here are some highlights from the event:

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