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  • I teach two chemistry courses: College Prep Chemistry and Honors Chemistry. I have been teaching Chemistry since 2002 and am very passionate about showing students all the places that chemistry exists in their everyday life. ūüĆé

  • For course specific content by chapter unit, please click on the resources above in the drop down menu for the class that you are enrolled in.

    • Each course is broken down by course information and chronological chapter.

    • Each contains online Google Slide notes, YouTube Screen-cast videos of me teaching the content, Quizlets for the chapter, and additional resources for each chapter.

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  • NEW: Back to School Night sub-page that contains my prerecorded welcome videos for Parents and Guardians and a little presentation to get to know me better.

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YouTube Channel - "Chemistry with Levin"

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  • My YouTube Channel contains various playlists for each of the chapter units for Chemistry and Honors Chemistry.

  • Each video is a screen-cast lesson of my Google Slide notes with my voice recorded over it and annotations over top of the presentation. I highlight key terms, giving detailed explanations of concepts, and providing examples on how to calculate/solve problems.

  • A detailed description of each video is listed below the title of the videos.

  • Please email me at with any questions!

Contact Information

  • Teacher: Jessica A. Levin, M.Ed. (she/her/hers)

  • Email: (best way to contact)

  • Telephone: #215.884.4700 ext. 2050

  • Classroom: Room #139, Office: Room #138 (until new move to new addition, TBD)

  • Parents & Guardians!

    1. If you need to contact me, please send me an email.

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