BEGINNING DRAMA - Grades 9-12 (2 semester course)
This class is an introduction to fundamental acting techniques. Through exercises, scene work, and improvisation, students develop their ability to "live truthfully under imaginary circumstances." Topics covered include: relaxation, concentration , listening, ensemble techniques, objectives, inner monologue, personalization, given circumstances, and voice. Students keep a journal, write critiques of professional and school productions, and read scripts and related texts. No prior experience in theatre is required. This course may be used to satisfy both the fine arts requirement as well as the "F" requirement needed to enter the CSU and UC systems.

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Videos represent the best performances for each project.

ADVANCED COMPETITION DRAMA "A" - Grades 9-12 (2 semester course)
Students continue to develop the fundamental skills explored in Drama I, focusing on contemporary and classical monologue , scene and one-act performances  as they apply to competitions. Outside of class work and performances are mandatory for admittance to this class. Some competition fees may be required. Prerequisite: Beginning Drama or by audition. This course may be used to satisfy both the fine arts requirement, as well as the "F" requirement needed to enter the CSU and UC systems.  

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Videos represent the best performances for each project.

ADVANCED PRODUCTION DRAMA "B" - GRADES 10-12 (2 semester course)
This course allows the experienced drama student the opportunity to refine his/her acting skills, focusing on all aspects related to the production of two full length plays to be presented to the general public. From acting to technical work to business considerations, students will learn and execute the tasks needed to bring a production from conceptualization to closure. After school work and rehearsals are mandatory for admittance to this class. Prerequisite: Audition only. This course may be used to satisfy both the fine arts requirment, as well as the "F" requirment needed to enter the CSU and UC systems.

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Videos of many of our past performances.

THEATRE ARTS/SET DESIGN - Grades 9-12 (2 semester course)
This course offer is a hands-on activities-based design class, which will focus on all aspects of technical theatre design and creation. Fundamental skills include, but are not limited to: set design and construction, set dressing and painting, lighting design and implementation, costume design and creation, prop design and collection, set dressing and painting, sound design and recording, publicity design and implementation, poster design and creation, house management and execution, backstage run crew, booth run crew, and theatre/facility maintenance. Students will be able to choose areas of interest as focus points throughout the year as the contribute to the productions presented by NU's performing Arts Department.

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Attending live performances inspires every performing artist to reach greater heights.  For that reason N.U.T.S. requires every drama student to attend 3 (Beginning) or 4 (Advanced) live performances per semester.  Students will reflect on the merits of each performance by completing a Live Performance Critique sheet.  N.U.T.S. offers many performance related field trips that students may purchase tickets for if they wish.

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The International Thespian Society rewards excellence in high school theatre by awarding membership to those students who log at least one hundred hours of work in two separate full length plays at our school. I.T.S. members benefit from the recognition that comes from being a part of an honorary organization. Thespian students also have an array of scholarship opportunities open to them at state and international thespian events. This is a greatly recognized organization that looks great on a college application.

The Comedy Sports ensemble is a small group of students who meet Fridays after school to practice improvisational theater skills. These skills are developed through variety of competitive theatre games that require concentration, listening, and quick thinking. The group presents their skills eight times per year in a performance-based environment that encourages audience participation. Anyone interested is welcome to participate.