How To Videos

Below are "How To" guides for using some of our online resources (made with Screencastify). If there are additional sources you would like tutorials for, or if you have a specific question, please reach out to Mrs. Caldwell at

Using Public Library Resources

Freegal - free music (here’s a link to the Freegal brochure)

Freading- free ebooks

Hoopla- television, films, documentaries, audiobooks

Sora/Overdrive- ebooks and audiobooks

Rosetta Stone (Level 1)- Learn a new language!

Literary Reference Center- for literary criticism

Tech Help/Chrome Books

If you need a loaner chromebook, please try the tips below first to make sure this isn't the problem. If you STILL need a loaner, stop by the library. The librarian will copy down information and put your loaner through the slot on her desk. You will then leave yours in a bin by the glass doors in the library. If you are PICKING UP yours, return your loaner through the slot on the librarian's desk, and take yours from the labeled bins by the main library entrance. This is for a for contactless exchange.

If you are virtual, please contact the main office. If you are picking up your chromebook and returning the loaner, call the main office when you arrive. The librarian will then bring yours down, place it on the ground outside the main doors, and have you put your loaner on the ground and take yours. This is to ensure contact-free pick up and delivery.

How to make your Chrome Book work faster by deleting apps, extensions, and browsing history: Screencastify walk through of how to get rid of extensions and apps, clear your browsing history, and reset all your settings to make your Chrome Book faster:

You can also view a Google Doc with common issues and how to fix them by clicking HERE.

Issues with GoogleMeet and Videos? How to fix the audio if you are doing a GoogleMeet, and can't hear the sound of a YouTube video (thanks to Mrs. Healy for this video!):

Teaching Tools

Tutorial on Google Meet for Hybrid Learning:

Snip and Sketch (SnipIt) tool: How to use this tool for screenshots, or to select a section of your screen (and here is an excellent print version of how to use this tool if you prefer reading to watching a video:

How to do a split screen with your students- to see two screens at once and see your student only AND have another screen with the whole class/teacher: For Paraprofessionals- this is a quick tutorial of how to create a separate google classroom for your student and be able to do a split screen so you can be on with the teacher and the rest of the class, and have a private classroom with your student.

How to create a FlipGrid- Creating a FlipGrid and uploading it to your Google Classroom:

How to create a Google Classroom (exactly what it sounds like!):

How to mute people in Google Meet:

How to create a virtual bookshelf or virtual room using Google Slides:


How to sign in to Newsela, Create Classes, and link them from Google Classroom:

How to assign a Newsela article through Google Classroom (with optional quizzes and writing assignments):

How to use World Book's Educator Tools: For more information, click HERE for a pdf of how to get started and HERE for how to hook World Book into Google Classroom. You can also view the ebooks that are appropriate for grades 9-12 HERE in an Excel spreadsheet.

How to create text sets: (creating your own curated text sets, and

Classroom Video on Demand (CVOD):

Creating a personal account in Classroom Video on Demand: How to sign into Classroom Video On Demand and create a profile (that links your school email to the WH Classroom Video On Demand). As a teacher, once you do this, you will be able to add your classes and put in quizzes, save videos, etc.

How to access videos in our Library Catalog that are from CVOD:

Importing your classes: How to create a personal profile AND add in classes from Google Classroom:

How to create quizzes:

(Remember- you HAVE to sign in through Wayne Hills first (the easiest way to do this is through Classlink), and THEN sign in to your personal account (if you haven't made one, create one, and be sure to select that you are a teacher).

Using Timeline in World Book:

Use Timeline in World Book to create timelines of events in books, history, life events, and more.

Using Follett Destiny to look up books/resources:

How to use Resource Lists:

How to search using Destiny:

How to Google Like a Pro: