Ebooks and Audio Books

We have several ways to read eBooks and listen to Audio Books.

You can access ebooks through Overdrive/Sora through our school (instructions below), and ALSO access a ton of books through the Wayne Public Library, through Overdrive/Sora and Hoopla (you can see about our partnership with the public library, and how to use Hoopla for movies, audiobooks, etc. HERE). You can also get books over the summer through AudioSync (see instructions below).

We also have a number of Non-Fiction eBooks available through Follett Destiny and through ABC-CLIO. For Follett Destiny, just go to our Destiny Catalogue, and below the search box, change the "Narrow your search to..." parameters to be "Material Type: Electronic Book (ebooks)".

For ABC-CLIO, go to https://publisher.abc-clio.com and type in the ABC CLIO login and password. Then, choose SEARCH from the left side of the screen, and search for your topic.

How to install the Sora/Overdrive app

Overdrive/Sora is your app resource for all things eBook and Audiobook! You can download the Sora App on your computer or phone, and read books (or listen to them).

The steps on this page are to download and use the app.

We share audio books and ebooks between Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley, and you also have the option to add the Wayne Public Library's PALS* group as well under "add a library". There are THOUSANDS of options between these three sources, all at your fingertips.

*please note: to access the books in PALS, you must have a valid Wayne Public Library card number.

You can ALSO go to https://soraapp.com/library/waynehsnj and log in to "Wayne Township High Schools" using Classlinks to read books on your Chromebook!


Get the Sora by Overdrive App

Step 2:

Find our school

Step 3:

Type in "Wayne Township High Schools" (NOT Wayne Hills- we share with Wayne Valley)

Step 4:

Sign in using your WH Classlink login info* You can now take out books!

*you could also go to ClassLinks and use that to access the Sora App

How to add a library to your account:

You can also click "Add a Library" and follow the instructions below to use the PALS system that Wayne Public Library is part of (please note: you need know your library card number to borrow books from PALS).

Select "Add a public library"

Type in PALS and select "PALS Plus NJ OverDrive Library" (this is the group Wayne Public Library is part of)

Select the book you are interested in and click "BORROW"- you will be prompted to sign in with your library card

Sign in using your library card. You can now begin reading!

How to listen to AudioSync Audio Books Through Sora!

Beginning April 28th, this "summer" program will offer two thematically paired audiobooks every week, at no cost, to every registered listener. Below are instructions on linking your AudioSync to your Sora/Overdrive App:

STEP 1: go to https://www.audiobooksync.com and register your school email address.

STEP 2+: Make sure you have the Sora App (use the steps above).

Once you have the Sora App/use Sora on your Chromebook, you’ll need to add the SYNC program’s library. Here are the steps:

1. In Sora, open the menu (in the top-right corner).

2. Select Add a library.

3. Search for audiobooksync and select the library from the results [2022 season starts April 28th]

4. Enter the email address you used to sign up for SYNC.

If you have trouble with the below instructions please email synchelp@audiofilemagazine.com

WH Audiobooks for English

How to Borrow Audiobooks

Click the book cover, login to Sora with Wayne Township High Schools, then put in your username and password for the school computers (through Classlnk). Borrow the audiobook you need. You will have it for 28 days, but you can renew it if you need it after the time runs out!

Sora Sweet Reads! Ebooks/AudioBooks available all summer through ! CLICK HERE to see all of them*

*you will need to sign into your Sora account through Classlinks to read them