Lesson 1 - A Fine, Fine School

Spelling - crop, plan, thing, smell, shut, sticky, spent, lunch, pumpkin, clock, gift, class, skip, swing, next, hug, hospital, fantastic

Vocabulary - principal, soared, strolled, worried, proud, announced, fine, certainly

Lesson 2 - The Trial of Cardigan Jones

Spelling - spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone, invite, cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame, life, rule, these, those, surprise, decide

Vocabulary - convinced, stand, jury, murmur, trial, honest, pointed, guilty

Lesson 3 - Destiny's Gift

Spelling - lay, real, trail, sweet, today, dream, seem, tea, treat, afraid, leave, bait, screen, speed, paint, please, yesterday, explain

Vocabulary - spreading, earn, block, raise, customers, figure, contacted, afford

Lesson 4 - Pop's Bridge

Spelling - load, open, told, yellow, soak, shadow, foam, follow, glow, sold, window, coach, almost, throat, cold, most, tomorrow, sailboats

Vocabulary - crew, tide, cling, balancing, foggy, disappears, stretch, excitement

Lesson 5 - Roberto Clemente, Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Spelling - slight, mild, sight, pie, mind, tie, pilot, might, lie, tight, blind, fight, die, midnight, find, night, silent, frightening

Vocabulary - pronounced, stands, fans, league, score, polish, style, slammed

Lesson 6 - Bat Loves the Night

Spelling - math, toast, easy, socks, Friday, stuff, paid, cheese, June, elbow, program, shiny, piles, sticky, each, both, comb, holiday

Vocabulary - twitch, swoops, squeak, echoes, detail, slithers, snuggles, dozes

Lesson 7 - What Do Illustrator's Do?

Spelling - three, scrap, street, spring, thrill, scream, strange, throw, string, scrape, spray, threw, strong, scratch, think, they, straight, scramble

Vocabulary - tools, sketches, scribbles, research, tracing, illustrate, imagine, textures

Lesson 8 - The Harvest Birds

Spelling - itch, wreck, knee, patch, wrap, knot, watch, knife, stretch, write, knew, knock, match, wrong, know, catch, wrinkle, knuckle

Vocabulary - harvest, separate, ashamed, borders, advice, borrow, patch, serious

Lesson 9 - Kamishibai Man

Spelling - clown, round, bow, cloud, power, crown, thousand, crowd, sound, count, powder, blouse, frown, pound, house, found, mountain coward

Vocabulary - vacant, blurry, applause, jerky, familiar, blasted, rude, rickety

Lesson 10 - Young Thomas Edison

Spelling - talk, cross, awful, law, cloth, cost, crawl, chalk, also, raw, salt, wall, lawn, always, soft, small, often, strawberry

Vocabulary - genius, signal, electric, gadget, invention, laboratory, experiment, occasional

Amos & Boris

Spelling- bursting, marveled, noonday, telescope, dreadful, compass, adventure, sounded, swimming, mammal

Vocabulary- evaded, luminous, necessities, vast, immensley, privilege, curious, ambition

Lesson 11 - Technology Wins the Game

Spelling - joy, spoil, point, toy, voice, joint, join, boy, oil, soil, coin, choice, noise, boil, come, are, poison, destroy

Vocabulary - power, fraction, contribute, process, compete, improve, flexible, athletes

Lesson 12 - Tops & Bottoms

Spelling - hole, whole, its, it's, hear, here, won, one, hour, our, fir, fur, their, there, road, rode, piece, peace

Vocabulary - risky, grunted, crops, profit, scowled, plucked, tugged, hollered

Lesson 14 - Aero & Officer Mike

Spelling - horse, mark, storm, market, acorn, artist, March, north, barking, stork, thorn, forest, chore, restore, dark, story, partner, fortune

Vocabulary - lying, loyal, partners, shift, quiver, patrol, ability, snap

Lesson 15 - The Extra Good Sunday

Spelling - nurse, work, shirt, hurt, first, word, serve, curly, dirt, third, worry, turn, stir, firm, her, girl, hamburger, perfect

Vocabulary - festive, ingredients, cross, remarked, anxiously, tense, degrees, recommended

Lesson 16 - Judy Moody Saves the World!

Spelling - air, wear, chair, stairs, bear, bare, hair, care, pair, pear, share, near, ear, beard, buy, year, earring, compare

Vocabulary - recycle, project, rubbish, pollution, hardly, shade, global, dripping, carton, complicated

Lesson 17 - The Albertosaurus Mystery: Phillip Curie's Hunt in the Badlands

Spelling - age, space, change, jawbone, jacket, giant, pencil, circle, once, large, dance, jeans, bounce, huge, nice, place, excited, gigantic,

Vocabulary - clues, remains, evidence, prove, fossils, skeletons, uncovering, buried, fierce, location

Lesson 18 - A Tree is Growing

Spelling - shark, check, queen, circus, flake, crack, second, squeeze, quart, squeak, quick, oldest, Africa, Mexico, black, thank, correct, question

Vocabulary - pollen, store, clumps, passages, absorb, throughout, coverings, spines, tropical, dissolve

Lesson 19 - Two Bear Cubs

Spelling - mood, wooden, drew, smooth, blue, balloon, true, tooth, crooked, chew, hooves, cool, food, pooch, blew, foot, loose, jewel

Vocabulary - scolding, greedily, hesitation, ignores, burden, glancing, console, base, drowsy, heroic

Lesson 20 - Life on the Ice

Spelling - birthday, anyone, sometimes, everything, homework, afternoon, airplane, something, grandmother, without, himself, faraway, sunburned, daylight, someone, cannot, scorekeeper, everybody

Vocabulary - shelter, layout, constant, climate, wilderness, region, unexpected, gliding, overheated, colony

Lesson 21 - Sarah, Plain and Tall

Spelling - coming, swimming, dropping, tapping, taping, invited, saving, stared, planned, changing, joking, loved, gripped, tasted, making, stopped, freezing, scared

Vocabulary - prarie, slick, fetch, clattered, sniff, rough, batted, thumped, buzzing, rustle

Lesson 21 - The Journey: Stories of Migration

Spelling - cities, cried, puppies, hurried, stories, flies, parties, tried, pennies, fried, carried, babies, spied, ponies, pretty, very, countries, libraries

Vocabulary - survival, migrate, plenty, frightenining, accidents, solid, chilly, landscape, thunderous, dramatic

Lesson 22 - The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman

Spelling - singer, loudly, joyful, teacher, fighter, closely, powerful, farmer, quickly, careful, friendly, speaker, wonderful, truly, hopeful, safely, listener, calmly

Vocabulary - sincere, conversations, managed, inspired, loaded, reunion, loveliest, currently, terror, pleasure

Lesson 23 - Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves

Spelling - unfold, rejoin, untie, reheat, unfair, unclear, repaid, rewrite, unhurt, recheck, unlucky, unwrap, reuse, unsure, reread, unsafe, unbuckle, unknown

Vocabulary - guided, rippled, arrival, voyage, twisted, aboard, anchor, spotted, bay, lava