Remote Learning Grade 1/2

How to break up your day.

For students working at home, use the visual timetable on the left to help break up your day.

The brain breaks provided are very important in helping your child to be able to have a rest and then come back to complete some work. Please encourage your child to complete them all, when they appear on the schedule


Hello and welcome to parents and students of Grade 1/2 S and FT 2021 at YOPS. Welcome to our new learning hub. Due to the long term effects of the Corona Virus this is where your child will be able to learn from home.

Using the side navigation bar at the top left of the website, you will be able to view videos and learning tasks made by your child's classroom teacher.

We all hope you are keeping safe and healthy during this difficult period. Remember, we are all in this together, and with a team effort we can work through this difficult time.

Regards: Mrs Siegle, Mrs Ferracane and Mrs Thomson

Mrs Siegle, Mrs Ferracane and Mrs Thomson can be contacted on the following email addresses. Please make sure you address your email to both Mrs Ferracane and Mrs Thomson if your child is in their class, so that we are both aware of the concerns your child is having or can answer your questions.