What is YouTube TV? How It Works and How to Get It on Roku?

YouTube TV is a premium live video streaming service that offers Live TV shows, movies, and programs from more than 70 channels. It is somewhat similar to Hulu Live + TV and Netflix. After the huge popularity of YouTube throughout the world in April 2017, YouTube launched its YouTube TV services. When it was launched it was very limited to a very small number of popular locations in North America and seeing its popularity in 2019 YouTube TV expanded in a total of 210 markets in this region. YouTube is available in the select parts of the globe and it is in the process to make it available to the remaining part of the world. "COVID-19"

YouTube has integrated with several entertainment, news and sports channels to offer the latest content to its YouTube TV subscriber’s on-demand. It offers a variety of premium TV channels like Fox, BBC World News, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Fox News, Bravo, AMC, TNT, CNN, Disney Channel, and more popular channels. Some other premium channels are in add-one packages for that you have to pay additional charges.

You can watch YouTube TV anywhere on the go such as you can stream it on your Chromecast, Apple TV, smart TVs, PS4, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, LG TVs, Samsung TVs, Roku, and other supported devices. To watch YouTube TV you have to pay $49.99 per month. Before you get started with your favorite shows after the subscription you need to visit tv.youtube.com to activate YouTube TV. Once you are done with this you are good to go with your YouTube TV. Now you can stream your all-time favorite TV shows.

YouTube TV Plan, Subscriptions and Charges

To watch YouTube TV you need to visit tv.youtube.com and you can get 7 days ( 14 days in some cases ) free access to YouTube TV and after that, you have to pay $49.99/month for 70 channels and additional add-ons channels available. Now click on TRY IT FOR FREE. Now enter the zip code of your area and you are good to go with YoTube TV. Now you may enjoy the streaming of your favorite Television shows without a cable TV broadcast cable. At present, it’s available only in the U.S nationwide and it is being planned to be extended outside the United States.

Features Of YouTube.com/activate TV

Among all the best features available in it, the one I personally love is truly unlimited cloud DVR feature which keeps YouTube TV stand out from others in the market. Because it’s a Google product so you get this benefit of unlimited cloud DVR recording that no other streaming service offers as of now and DVR recording can be stored for up to 9 months.

In this, you can create the 6 user account and 3 users can stream YouTube TV at a time unlike other streaming services like Hulu each user get separate user experience as per their choice and rationalization because each google account gets its own TV experience because of every user login with their own created user credentials. "COVID-19"

Other features like voice control, picture in picture mode viewing experience, on-demand content, and much more.

How to Get Started with The YouTube TV On Roku?

  1. Visit tv.youtube.com from your computer and click on TRY IT FOR FREE to get started.

  2. Sign in to your Google account and if you don’t have one then create a new one.

  3. Will walk you through some permission access process, allow the necessary permission request like location to personalize your viewing experience.

  4. After that, you will see the list of channels that are available in your region. Go through the list and you can add-ons if another channel is needed for that you need to pay extra charges.

  5. Confirm the list of the channel and there you go and next step is-

How To Activate YouTube on Roku via Youtube.com/activate?

  1. Open your smart TV and search for the YouTube TV app, add it, open the app, and choose already a member. Click on the sign-in button on your TV then

  2. Visit youtube.com/activate or tv.youtube.com/start from your PC, smartphone, or tablet then enter the code popped up on Roku (on smart TV during the first step ) channel, click on next, and now sign in with the very same Google account you used for purchasing the YouTube TV subscription.

  3. Within a few seconds all set and you’ll be logged in.

  4. In case the code is not accepted just start it again and try to finish it as quickly as possible because if you take longer time then the code gets expired. Visit More Information :- "Mcafee.com/activate"