- Enter Youtube Activation Code | - Enter Youtube Activation Code | is one of the widely viewed platforms globally. There are millions of videos uploaded on the platform and viewed by billions. It is available free. You can watch all types of videos covering different various domains. You can stream YouTube on the app and other major devices. Moreover, you can easily activate the platform without much hassle. However, to get full access to this platform, you will need a Google account. For activating purposes, visit in which the activation code is generated by the YouTube app on a specific device. You can sink your Google account with YouTube and start watching. "COVID-19"

How to Activate Youtube by

Open the application on your device and go to Settings. You will find “Link Device” and check the activation code for This will help in activating YouTube to connect with the device. If the process is done accurately, the browser will help you with the YouTube activating the code displayed on the TV. Click on the Add. This is a one-time operation. There is another way to activate the YouTube code is by doing directly doing on YouTube. The activation code is displayed on the screen. You can also do it in the browser where we pass Once this is done, you will get the options and click Allow. You will now be able to control the widget on the device directly from the system.

Steps to activate YouTube on different devices

How to run YouTube on different devices is explained below. Just follow the steps given below.

Activating YouTube on Roku by

Sign in to the Roku with your TV. Add YouTube to My Channel and follow below-mentioned steps-

  • Go to the menu and open the channel store.

  • Find YouTube under the Top Free section.

  • Select YouTube and press it.

  • Now add the channel, select it, and press OK.

  • In a few minutes, YouTube will appear on my channel

  • No open YouTube and go to settings

  • 8- Digit code is generated on the TV screen

  • Visit and enter sing-in information

  • Here you will get 8- digit code and enter the same on the TV screen

  • The YouTube channel is no action on Roku TV.

Activating YouTube on Samsung TV by

If you got Samsung TV, then here is how you activate YouTube-

  • Download YouTube on your Samsung TV and open the settings page

  • Click Sign-in and get 8-digit verification code on the TV screen

  • Go to 8-digit code on the TV screen and proceed

  • Complete the process flashed on the screen.

Activating YouTube on Apple TV by

  • Switch on the Apple TV and open YouTube app

  • Go to Settings and sign in

  • 8- Digit code will appear on the TV screen

  • Now, go to and sign in.

  • Enter the 8-digit verification code on your TV.

  • Click to move forward and then allow you to activate YouTube on your Apple TV.

Activating YouTube on Amazon Fire TV by

If you have Amazon Fire TV, then set up the YouTube app on it

  • Open YouTube and sign in

  • Sign in you will get 8-digit code to generate on the Fire TV screen

  • Go to on your computer and enter sign in details.

  • After signing in, enter the 8-digit code from your TV screen and proceed.

  • Then, allow access. YouTube is activated on your Fire TV.

Activating YouTube on PS3 by

If you have PS3, then open the app on the system. If you are doing it for the first time, then enter your Google account information. Below are the further steps- "COVID-19"

  1. Go to Sign in & settings

  2. Select Sign in

  3. You will get code after pressing X. Note it down or do not close the screen

  4. Now go to from your laptop or phone.

  5. Enter your Google account information and sign in

  6. Enter the code that the YouTube app gave you and proceed.

  7. Click Allow access if you see the option.

Activating YouTube on Xbox One by

  • Go to Sign in & settings

  • Select Sign in and press X

  • You will get a code.

  • Now go to from your laptop or phone.

  • Enter your Google account information and sign in

  • Enter the code that the YouTube app gave you and proceed.

  • Click Allow access if you see the option.

Final words

By following the above steps, you now know that you can activate on multiple devices. However, the steps may differ according to the device you are using. In case, you face any issues on using the app or activating it, then connect with us for the assistance you need. The support team will help you in getting the best help to activate YouTube. Visit More Information :- ""