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Almost every person in the world must hear the name of Amazon, as it is renowned for its exceptional e-commerce services. As more and more people are using Amazon more frequently this period, amazon also comes up with remarkable offers and coupons codes for its prime customers so that they can get the maximum benefits while shopping from the Amazon website.

But the irony in this situation is that most people don't know about the offers and coupons, that is why it came up with a solution by creating a new page in Amazon's website named where the customers of the website can visit to get details about the live and upcoming discounts offers and coupons.

Are you still having some doubts about how to create an Amazon prime account? you no longer have to worry at all as you can contact Amazon customer support number to get any of the information regarding any of your queries.

How to use

As you have got it by now how important is for a new customer of amazon. If you want to know more about how to use it, you have to check the list of instructions below to guide you through.

How to create an Account on code?

If you are looking for a way to create an account with then you need to follow the instruction given below:

  1. To create a new account click on the link written: “Create a new account”.

  2. Now fill in all of the required details like your email or mobile number and password, on the registration page, and then click on the signup button.

  3. Next, you require a verification code on the next window, which you will get in a moment on your registered mobile number.

  4. After that check out your email for the verification link sent via amazon, and click on the link to verify your account.

  5. This is it now you can login into your amazon account without any hassle.

Setup Amazon Prime Videos Account via

  1. If you are using your mobile phone and any other streaming device, begin with opening the app store and installing the Amazon Prime Videos App on your mobile phone or the streaming device you are using and move to step 3.

  2. However, if you are using your computer, just open your internet browser, open the amazon official website, and then select Amazon Prime Videos on the dropdown table.

  3. Now sign in to your account via your login credentials if you do not have an account you can get one by clicking on the “Create New Account” link and then follow the instructions.

  4. If you haven't used Amazon Prime before you can avail 1-month free trial for free, to do so, click on the link written “Get a one-month free trial”.

  5. Now you will see a code written on your device's screen, write it down, open any internet browser on any of the devices, and search for

  6. Next, Sign-in to your Amazon account by clicking on the sign-in button shown on the screen.

  7. Then enter the code that you have written down earlier to verify your account.

  8. Now you can stream any of the movies or tv shows that you want on-demand free for one month.

Follow the Steps Out Cold to Generate an Account Up on

  • Proceed to up on your Cell Phone or computer

  • Location the unconventional Which says New.

  • code

  • Click Make Your Amazon Account from chilly this functionality

  • Input all of the Essential recommendation and Create an accounts

You may be motivated to caliber your accounts by assessing for a statement partner that is likely to soon be transmitted to a emailaddress. On the flip side, you can then receive an OTP or Onetime Password

Should you have mix of a OTP, simply enter exactly the Exact Same and keep If the registration procedure Should you twinge to reach that a paid sequential institution, simply enter your variant card information because your favorite manner of payment

How to Setup Amazon Firestick via

The best thing about Amazon Firestick is that it can make any normal television with an HDMI port into a Smart Tv. So you can streaming content online via Amazon prime on your regular television, To do so you need to follow the instruction below:

  1. You have to begin with plugging in your tv as well as the one end of the firestick with the power supply and the other one with the HDMI port of your television.

  2. Next Turn on your TV and switch to the channel corresponding with the HDMI port of your TV.

  3. Now Hold the home button of the Firestick remote until your TV is paired with the Amazon Firestick.

  4. After pairing search for your home wireless network and connect your firestick with it at once.

  5. Next, open the Amazon Prime Videos on your Tv and sign in to your Amazon account with your login credentials. If you do not have an account, you can create one by reading the step by step guide to it above, else move to the next step

  6. As you sign in to your account, you will see a code on the screen on your tv.

  7. Now switch to your mobile phone or laptop, which has an internet connection, and open any internet browser.

  8. Now search for, as it opens login with the same amazon login credentials you used earlier on the login page.

  9. As you login into your account, you will ask for a code, for verification.

  10. Now enter the code that is shown on your tv screen into the internet browser.

  11. Then switch to your TV and follow the instructions further.

  12. Next, select the services you want to choose like Amazon prime videos or Amazon Music and you are free to stream the content online.


To conclude I just want to say that, is one of those links that you need to reckon with. As it provides you with the key to unlock all of the services of Amazon and tells Amazon that you are one of the trusted customers of Amazon that they will cherish in the upcoming future. I hope you like the content of our website, and it will help you to make your decision. Nevertheless, if you have any other queries regarding Amazon codes or having troubles while setting up your account you can always contact our support executives for help via the chat button, Have a Nice Day.