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Activation of Hulu and Channels - is the destination for activating the Hulu app. After receiving the Hulu link code, navigate to and log in to the account so that you can stream limitless entertainment at one location and a Hulu subscription can get activated.

Activate Hulu account

The moment when you’ve created a Hulu account, it is time to activate it using the Hulu com Activate code. The guidelines for activate Hulu account are mentioned as follows:

1. Add the Hulu app to your streaming device and open a web browser

2. Secondly, in the URL space type and click enter

3. Now it will direct you to a site where you can find the space for entering the Hulu activation code

4. In the boxes, type the code and choose to submit

5. The Hulu account gets activated successfully

What are Hulu Plus and Hulu's premium plus?

The main difference between the Hulu plus and the Hulu premium plus is the price and the quality of content that is being telecasted.

  1. Hulu plus Live TV plan costs nearly $44.99 per month whereas Hulu premium plus is about $55.99 for a month

  2. When you activate Hulu plus or Hulu plus premium plans, you can get exclusive access to all the Hulu originals

  3. Since both the plans are concerned about Live content, you cannot expect it to be free from adverts

How to get Hulu Plus free trial?

By creating a new account on Hulu, you can get a free trial for 30 days. Also, remember that if you do not cancel the plan before the trial period ends, then you will be charged $5.99 a month. The payment can be made by using the debit card and sign up for a Hulu account now! Once you create the account, do not forget to activate the service by surfing to Paste the code and watch all the content.

Acquire the Hulu plus free trial without a credit card!

Follow the steps to get the Hulu plus free trial without credit card:

1. First of all, you must click Start your Free trial option

2. After registering the Hulu account by providing the necessary details, use the Hulu com activate code for the service activation process

3. Skip at the right moment you’re asked for the credit card data

4. It allows you to get the Hulu plus free trial without credit card

5. Or else cancel the trial before Hulu asks you to pay