Welcome to our team

The W.C.C. Unsinkables is a registered U.S.A. swim team, with swimmers competing in U.S.A. swim meets throughout the season. WCCU swimmers are making a splash in the world of competitive swimming in Maine. Our swim team begins with our Preseason Swim Clinic at the end of September and will run for two weeks. The team will be coached by Head Coach Lori LaPointe and Assistant Coach Nori Lund.

Lori has 30+ years of professional teaching/coaching in swimming, soccer and basketball. She has been the heart and soul of the UNSINKABLES from the teams beginning in 1999. Lori was awarded Maine Swimming Coach of the Year 2003 and a Zone Coach from 2010-2014.

Nori has been apart of the WCCU community in many facets over the years, as an athlete, captain, sibling, volunteer, and coach. She continued her swimming career through college attending the University of New England, swimming all 4 years and being named captain her senior year. She was the Head coach for Wiscasset High School from 2013-2017 and the Assistant Coach for Hyde School from 2017- present.

Volunteer Coach Paul Lazarus will be rounding out the staff this year, his passion for swimming will help bring the team to the next level of competition. The WCCU coaching staff provides positive encouragement and goal setting for the athletes and encourages them to build a lifelong love for the sport of swimming.





PHONE: 207-882-8230

WEBSITE: https://www.wiscassetrec.com/info/default.aspx