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Jane Skrzypek Educator of the Year Award

Due Date: Sunday, September 26

Western Region PTA awards the Jane Skrzypek Educator of the Year at the annual PTA Partnership Dinner (formerly the Presidents & Principals Dinner) to recognizes the achievements of one outstanding educator each year and is open to all administrators, teachers, and counselors, however the nominee must be from a PTA affiliated school in Western Region and a PTA member.

Each unit may nominate one individual for this award. Those nominated in past years may be nominated again if he or she was not a former recipient.

Two letters of recommendation are required: one from the PTA unit and one from another teacher or administrator from the same school or school district as the nominee. Letters should include proof of the nominee’s commitment to education, the methods used to instruct and to inspire students as well as information about his/her PTA involvement, both past and present. If more than two letters are submitted, only the first two letters fulfilling the requirements will be read and considered.

In keeping with the policy of Western Region PTA, the award may or may not be granted at the discretion of the committee, if in the opinion of the committee, there is no candidate meeting the criteria for the award.

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All units must be in good standing to be eligible for awards.

A unit in good standing:

- Filed their Annual Officer Information Update (Form A) with NYS PTA.

- Bylaws are current.

​- Membership payments are on time.

- Adheres to the Purposes and Basic Policies of the PTA.