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How to Log in to your Wells Fargo account?

What comes to your mind when you found you have to do banking works? Well! Many people feel boring works related to Banking. Whether it has never been quicker or easier; but with the technological up-gradation banking services also have upgraded themselves. Many platforms are providing online banking services. Here in this article, we are going to talk about such an online banking service provider who has a gained trust of millions of customers. Yes! It is Wells Fargo that has been making banking services quicker and faster with its advanced features that allow you to check your accounts, make payments, transfer money, and manage investments at your fingertips. To access all these services you will need to log in but before that don’t forget to create a new account.

Wells Fargo was launched as a mobile banking platform in 2007 and in just only ten years they have 14.5 million active users and they all are taking advantage of Wells Fargo's mobile banking services. It is easy and secure to use. With no further delay, let’s head to the steps to enroll in your mobile banking platform.

Steps to Create a New Wells Fargo Account

To access Wells Fargo mobile banking services you will need to enroll yourself on their platform. So follow the steps given below to get started.

  1. Using your device visit to Wells Fargo login page

  2. Look for the ‘Enroll’ option in the menu section on the same page

  3. Now, to getting started with the enrollment process click on it

  4. Then, you will be taken to the enrollment page

  5. Fill in the information asked in enrollment form like SSN, ATM number/ account number

  6. Then, continue to the next page and fill in user details like name, mobile number, email, date of birth, etc.

  7. Set a passcode for your account

  8. Now, follow prompt commands and complete the enrollment process

  9. Finally, you will be enrolled with Wells Fargo mobile banking

Note: After following the above steps your enrollment process will be completed and now you can easily log in to your Wells Fargo account.

Steps to Log in to Your Wells Fargo Account

Log in process for a Wells Fargo account is very simple once after enrolling you with Wells Fargo login services.

  1. Using your device visit to Wells Fargo online banking sign-in page

  2. Now, enter your username and password then click on the ‘Sign on’ button to continue the login process

  3. Finally, you will be logged in to your account

Note: You can easily log in to access your account by following the above steps. You can also use the above steps for Wells Fargo account login to start using Wells Fargo services.

How to Create a New Password for Wells Fargo Account?

Unfortunately, if you have forgotten your Wells Fargo account password and looking to create a new ‘Wells Fargo reset or change password’ then follow the steps as we have mentioned below:

  1. Using a web browser on your device, head to the Wells Fargo login page

  2. Then, to start the password change process click on the "Create a new password" button

  3. Then look for the forgot "Wells Fargo login password" option and then click on it

  4. Now, provide details to confirm your identities such as SSN or ATM/ account number

  5. Then, click on the ‘Continue’ option present on the same page

  6. Now, on the next page set a new password for your Walls Fargo account

  7. Finally, your Walls Fargo account password will be successfully changed

Note 1: Once after going through the above steps your password will be changed and also Wells Fargo can't log in issue will be fixed for your Wells Fargo account. You can find a wells Fargo near me, once you will finish logging in then you can also locate a Wells Fargo store easily on its website.

Note 2: To know about Wells Fargo hours, Wells Fargo customer service phone number 1 (800) 869-3557, Wells Fargo social media visit https://connect.secure.wellsfargo.com/auth/login/.


In short, this article will help you to start using Walls Fargo mobile banking services. The enrollment process for Walls Fargo banking is simple and we have divided that into few quick steps. So, go through the article carefully to make a Wells Fargo login. Else, you can visit the official website of Wells Fargo to know more about it.