In Class Presentations/Slide Shows

Unit One: U.S. Governing Documents and their Origins

Debates over the Constitution
The Constitution
Separation of Powers
The Bill of Rights
11th and 12th Amendments
The Reconstruction Amendments
The Progressive Amendments
Amendments 20-27

Extensions of Civil Rights

U.S. Court System
Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights Legislation
Extension of Minority Rights

Interest Groups and Political Parties

Interest Groups
Political Party System
Ohio’s Issue 1
Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Lobbyists
History of Political Parties

Ohio Government

The Ohio Constitution

Federal Reserve and Taxation

Federal Reserve System


Privacy Introduction
New Jersey V. T.L.O.
Griswold V. Connecticut
Roe V. Wade
Carpenter V. U.S.
Privacy Law

Review Topics

The U.S. and Ohio Constitutions
Landmark Supreme Court Decisions
Governing Docs Review
Amendments Review

Levels of Government

Levels of Government
Our Government and YOU
Federal Government
State Government