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Vin's CNC Shop!

Small Local Business in Vaughan, On

Specializing in Custom Wood Laser Engravings

Owner: Vincenzo Lombardo

Tel πŸ“ž: 647-296-8915

Email πŸ“§: vins.cnc.shop@gmail.com

Some Items currently being offered below. More on the way!

Call/Message for other custom items

Custom Charcuterie Boards

Laser Engraved Drink Coasters

Coffee / Beer or Custom Images available

Custom Signage Woods / Acrylics


House Addresses, Stencils/Templates etc






Some images of projects done so far!



When engraving finished products provided by customer bought from stores, coatings will affect how laser burns the surface and may cause it not to take well. Also variation in grain of wood, tone and features like knots will also affect the results

Raw woods are recommended and offer food grade finishing. Optional: Depending on product, I may be able to sand surface to remove finish and refinish after laser is done


With woods, grain structure, knots may affect the carvings and thin items may break or internal items in material can cause other impacts to the carve.

Other items like Software/Hardware crashes, Power Outage may also occur which may damage current project. Many can be salvaged in the event of power outage

Services I Offer

Laser Engraving $35/h - $55/h or fixed fee

Max dimensions for engraving is about 28in x 28 in and max material width is 30 in. Length can be longer. Currently only Wood engraving is available

  • Custom Charcuterie Board Engravings

  • Custom Cutting Board Engravings

  • Custom Wooden Utensil Engravings

  • Custom Drink Coasters

  • Message for other items

****Special Pricing Available for multiple items****

Design (CAD/CAM) $25/h or fixed fee

  • Design from scratch, from images(.img .jpg .png) or from provided files (.step .dxf .svg) or others

CNC RouterπŸ”¨πŸ”§ $45/h to $65/h

    • Woods 45/h

    • Plastics 55/h

    • Thin Aluminum 65/h

****Special Pricing Available for multiple items****

Shapeoko (MAX 28 in wide, 15in long)

X-Carve (MAX 30 in wide x 30 in long) material can be longer cut cut area limited to 30x30

Finishing Price Varies

  • (Wood) Raw Finish w light sanding (free)

  • Food Grade Oil and Wax

  • Stains / Lacquer / Oil finish

  • Paints

Epoxy>coming soon

See Below For Details


I have many years of 3D Design experience and will design your file to meet your expectations. Using Adobe, Inkscape and a variety of other software's, I can convert your images or design from scratch to make your idea a reality! Along with the 3D Model, I also design and generate the machine code to manufacture your part

Manufacturing: CNC Router / Laser Engraving

Once the design is done, with the help of my CNC Routers, Laser Engraving Modules and other tools, I can manufacture and finish your part. Cuts/engravings can be up to 28"x28" and be made from all woods, plastics and some thin metals! Laser Engraving WOODS ONLY At the moment, glass etching coming soon

High Quality Tools

I use only high quality, well known tools on my CNCs!. ToolsToday and Amana Tool are my 2 main go to brands for all my needs. From their carbide, Spektra and ZrN bits to all their other items, All of them are well made and last long giving high quality results!