From weed whips to lawn mowers- let our youth program be your first call.

Youth will be repairing the machines under the supervision of a professional mechanic. All youth have been thoroughly trained and all repairs will be inspected by our mechanic.

**Tried and True is currently paused. Please see our home page for a reference to another small engine repair business.


Not sure if your machine warrants repair? Have it inspected for a minimal fee*. If you choose not to have us repair it for you, there is no extra cost. If you do choose to have us repair it, the inspection fee will be applied to the final bill.

Fees starting at:

  • Weed whips: $25

  • Chainsaw, push lawn mower: $30

  • Self-propelled lawn mower, pressure washer, generator: $35

  • Snowblower: $45

  • Riding lawn mower: $50

  • Zeroturn lawn mower: $75

*Fees are due before the inspection is performed.

Pick Up/Drop Off

If you are unable to pick up or drop off your machine, we may be able to help. Prices are for picking up of machine and dropping off after requested services are completed (i.e. two round trips from the shop to you).

  • Up to 10 miles of shop location:

    • $25

    • $40 for riding lawn mowers and zeroturns

  • Up to 20 miles of shop location:

    • $45

    • $65 for riding lawn mowers and zeroturns

  • More than 20 miles

    • Unfortunately, due to the nature of the program, we are unable to provide pick up/drop off service to customers further than 20 miles away from Forest Lake. Thank you for understanding.

Labor Fee

We charge $83 per hour for flat rate work. We will provide an estimated amount of time after the inspection of how long it will take to repair your machine and charge according to the estimate.

Please note: We will notify you if additional repairs are needed and will adjust the estimate accordingly. You can choose to decline additional repairs at your discretion.

All payments must be made at the office of Lakes Center for Youth & Families during regular business hours. You will receive a receipt of payment to show to Jim when picking up/dropping off your machine.

We accept cash payments and all major credit cards.