About me

Hi hi, I go under the name Sofie online. All my images are under tractimage & under the name Sofie. And that also means Sofie isn't my real name.
Please do not copy or take any images.
Also to add on, I am trans.
or what friends like to call me "Transgirl catgirl person" sadly I can't come out to my parents, because they are transphobic so I'm stuck ig--
and most of the time my name is not displayed as Sofie ;3
I could be anyone, but I'll let you find that one out for yourself ;3

Little more about me:
I do train, bus & plane spotting,
I do not meet with people
I am a solo photographer (at least for now)

Groups I am apart of:
Tractimage | 05/08/2020
SAA/Synctech | 10/06/2019
Fotograferen Barneveld ;3 | 26/04/2021

How do I join tractimage?
People ask me this a lot, "How do I join tractimage"
You must have alright gear to use.
tractimage is a train, bus & plane spotting group

About my camera gear:
Why I chose a EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM, efs 18-55mm & an canon 250d is uh, I didn't want to have any issues with mounting so I didn't go for a m50, and I kind of needed a mic input too & 4k, so the canon 250d was cheap & quite new at that time, soo I got that :3 And why a ef 70-200m f4, you maybe saying "sofieee that lens is old" I know it's old, but again I don't have a stable job yet. And the crop factor on the 250d kind helped me to getting a 112-320 mm, and that's quite good for planespotting.
And also why I got a L lens is because they are literally like tanks, and I do drop stuff time to time.... but anywayssss, and why a 18-55? It's quite uh small you know, and it's a kit lens so yeah-. And it's also quite good when you trying to shoot stuff like train pov's. And also for microphone, I use a boya MM1, I was gonna get a rode video mic pro, but mediamarkt didn't have them in stock so ;-;.
If you want to know all the gear I use go to the bottom of this page and there's a little part about my gear that I use to shoot, edit & so on.

Bit more what I do
I do uh, game dev stuff? so i make trains, planes & buses yeah-
tbh I do a lot of fun stuff in my life, all though I do have shitty issues like depression but still I'm enjoying it. Also not long ago while writing this I've been invited into a photography group in my city, and I feel way more happier now :3
And also to add on, I write about stuff time to time, it's cool giving your own opinion about something.

when I do offer you a picture or take picture of you, that picture would be send.
please do not remove the watermark from the image, and if you want please tag me in the post. and out TOS about taking pictures of other people could here found here

Pc specs

cpu: i5-2400
Disk/storage: 450gbs ssd
graphics card: rtx 1060 6gbs
ram: 16gbs ddar3


Medion laptop
cpu- i5-2400
ssd- 125gbs
ram- 4gbs


Canon EOS 250D
Canon Powershot SX530HS


70-200mm f/4 L usm

Editing/Picture Editing:

Adobe Premiere Pro 2021
Adobe After Effect 2021
Adobe Photoshop 2021
+ON1 Effects 10+raw edits
Adobe Lightroom 2021

Addon equipment


Extreme PRO Sandisk 128gbs
Extreme Sandisk 64gbs (BROKEN)
Ultima PRO 16gbs

Boya BY-MM1
(planning to get) Rode Videomic pro

Hama star 63
bresser TR682AN


Osu pad-xp-pen
Technics STGT350
Technics SUA600MK2
Technics SLPD888
some old xbox 360 I love to play on
headset: g432
Some mouse that I got with my pc
Logitech g213