New Years Resolutions 2020 For Sobriety

“Tangu Inc. Shares New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Help People in Recovery Stay Sober”

Goal setting is the best way to accomplish any New Year’s resolution. For people in recovery, Tangu Inc recommends setting goals that are specific and realistic. Just wanting to “be sober” for 2020 is not enough.

For those who are dealing with substance abuse problems or just recently recovered from an addiction, the coming New Year celebrations will be challenging because of all the triggers and stressors around. The pressure of having to stick with resolutions is also another thing that can put an unnecessary burden on someone.

So instead of just having a vague resolution, Tangu Inc suggests that clients stick with a solid strategy that aims at a particular goal. In the long run, having tangible results can help people maintain their sobriety for 2020 and all the following years.

Tangu Inc suggests scheduling quality time with friends and family at least once per week. Repairing relationships after addiction will not happen overnight, so it is important to set the right expectations. But that said, people in recovery can take baby steps towards stronger bonds by spending time and treating these moments as something worth prioritizing. Schedule these meetings and bonding sessions. Enjoy a home cooked meal, watch a movie together, play board games, or just do things you all enjoy.

Focus on communicating honestly and openly. Plan the New Year celebrations ahead of time. Tell them about your sobriety and how you are trying to maintain it, so that they can offer their support. If the event will involve drinks, try to limit your appearance or have a sober buddy to help keep you on the right track.

Planning ahead is the best way to make sure triggers and temptations don’t have an impact on your sobriety.

New Year’s resolutions involving sobriety should be made into something concrete. So for those who are setting appropriate goals for 2020, it is a good idea to incorporate exercise and proper diet into the New Year plan. Unlike anything else, the body is the most concrete thing that clients have which they can measure and keep track of. If they take care of it, they will feel healthy.

Exercising regularly can help improve a person’s strength, flexibility, and even their focus. This allows them to perform their regular tasks without problems. They feel good about themselves, and are less likely to overindulge during this time of the year. Taking care of the body should be the top priority.

During substance abuse, a person overindulges in drugs or alcohol, and it creates a ton of problems within the body. So for the New Year, one good resolution is to finally make better choices for it. Break this resolution down into goals like drink eight glasses of water a day; sleep 8 hours a night; lift weights, etc. These goals are realistic and easy to achieve. Your body will thank you for it.

For those who are more religious and in touch with their spiritual side, one good goal is to attend more worship services regularly. Or if someone just wants to attend more AA meetings, therapy sessions, and support groups, these are great goals as well.

Tangu Inc . also encourages clients to be of service to others. Even small acts of kindness can reflect back onto you and make you feel great.

The New Year is something many people are excited about, but it can be difficult for those who are in recovery. By setting realistic and attainable goals in place of the traditional resolutions, patients can maintain their sobriety and live their best life.

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