If you live close enough to drive, please arrange for pickup in Peoria, Arizona.

If you live within approx 8 hours driving distance, We will personally deliver via ground transportation for $350. The kitten will be provided with food, water, litter box and comfort from us.

If you live further away, We will deliver to your nearest airport for a fee of $500 to most U.S. locations. The kitten will safely fly in cabin with us. Our desire is for your kitten to have a calm travel experience with someone they know and trust already. We will be there to love on and comfort the kitten till we arrive safely to you.

You are also welcome to fly to Arizona and we will meet you at the Phoenix airport. The airline requires a soft cloth pet carrier and the kitty will travel in cabin with you right under your seat as a carry on, but there is a fee, (approx $125) so call the airline in advance to find out what is required. You will be able to give the kitten little pets and comfort them on their journey to your home.

You will need to bring your own pet carrier to take your baby home. We will provide you with some food the kitten is used to eating as well as some take home gifts, to make the transition to your home easier.

Cargo flights are not an option. Only safe, comfortable, in cabin air travel :)