Summerveld Hound Resort

SHR is a registered non-profit dog rescue sanctuary based in Assagay, KZN. We are home to 82 dogs. We have a Right To Life Policy which means that no healthy animal is euthanized & we ensure that every animal in our care deserves a chance to live their best life possible. We have a strict no adoption policy & are committed to protecting, cherishing, unconditionally loving and providing a better quality of life for every single one of our rescues. Our sanctuary provides a family friendly environment for our rescues to grow up in/spend their remaining days being loved, having a family & a place to call home. We also provide food, deworming, vaccines & veterinary care for dogs living within the Dassenhoek Township. We strive to educate the residents of the township on how to care for their pets. We also assist other rescue organisations within KZN to help find their rescues loving forever homes. The more support we receive, the more we are able to help.