Sponsored Projects

  1. Title: "Secure and Privacy Preserving Student Feedback Management System for IIIT-Allahabad", Role: Principle Investigator, Duration: 2 Years, Budget: 8.89 Lacs, Funded by: IIIT-Allahabad, Status: Ongoing.

  2. Title: "Reliable and Privacy Preserving Data Auditing for FOG assisted Cyber Physical Systems (FOG-CPS)", Role: Principle Investigator, Duration: 3 Years, Budget: 22.4 Lacs, Funded by: IHUB NTIHAC Foundation, IIT Kanpur, Status: Ongoing.

  3. Title: "Development of Security Audit Framework for Secure IoT Network", Role: Co-Investigator, Duration: 5 Years, Budget: 274.25 Lacs, Funded by: C3iHub@IIT-Kanpur, Status: Ongoing.