Group Tuition

Group tuition in A level Sociology is suitable for AQA students, and most OCR students. We meet weekly during term time with a maximum class size of 8. There is opportunity to engage in opinion polls, ask questions, make comments and share written work. These classes are just £20 per hour, representing excellent value for money.

Places for September 2021 are now filling up; please get in touch to learn more:

"My daughter is really enjoying her sessions and is really benefiting from them... She finds your sessions more helpful than her school lessons so that’s amazing!"

AS/Year 12 group:

  • Families and Households

  • Education

  • Research Methods

  • Sociological Theory

A2/Year 13 group:

  • Beliefs in Society

  • Crime and Deviance

  • Research Methods

  • Sociological Theory