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Słodziak aka Sweetie

I'm a Cute 24/7, Stable & Easy to Use Multipurpose Bot

• Economy | NSFW Commands | Moderation | Invite Tracking | Giveaways | AutoRoles | Member Greetings | Tickets | Anime RP | Bump Reminder and more...

What We Offer:

Global Economy

Soon there will be a description


Soon there will be a description

Moderation & Auto-Mod

Commands like warn, mute, timeout, kick, ban, anty-invite, anty-spam, anty-link - Everything you need to keep your server nice and clear!

Invite Tracking

Soon there will be a description


Start giveaways and let your server members participate! Słodziak will automatically select the winner(s)!

Auto Roles

Słodziak will automatically assign roles to new server members!

Member Greetings

Greet new server members with your text and with your or us banner!


Whenever server members need support, they can just create a new support ticket, which also creates a new private text channel where they can chat with the server staff!

Anime RP

Interactive anime role play commands like hug, slap, kiss and many more!

Bump Reminder

Soon there will be a description