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News and Upcoming Events

Webinar - Magna 2020 Earthquake Brief and Case Study

Date: Wednesday, 10/21/2020

Time: 6:30PM-7:30PM

Info: Go beyond the news and learn about the important structural aspects from the March, 2020 Magana, UT Earthquake. Join us online for this educational event to hear from expert local engineers and what they are doing to create a more resilient Utah. Participation is free and all engineers are welcome for this 1 hour webinar.

Registration: FREE

Webinar link:

Meeting ID: 915 3705 1842; Passcode: 686798

Web Event - SEAU YMG HALLOWEEN Themed Trivia Night

Date: Wednesday, 10/28/2020

Time: 7:00PM-8:00PM

Info: Join us for a fun and educational trivia night! The NCSEA Trivia night was so much fun that we thought it would be fun to try again with Utah engineers competing against each other for prizes! We will be randomly assigning teams to those interested in participating. This will be an awesome way to get to know fellow engineers and learn something new. We will be asking engineering questions with a spooky twist. We will be hosting the event through a web-share program in order to cooperate with federal guidelines. All who are interested are invited to participate. Student and Professional engineers alike. Please e-mail to sign-up for the event.

Previous Events and News

NCSEA Trivia Night Success

8/20/2020 - Our group of 8 young member participants took first on the entire west coast for the annual NCSEA Young Member Group Trivia Night. Our solid experience won us bragging rights as well as some extra cash. Way to go SEAU YMG!

SLC Internation Airport Site-Visit CANCELLED

4/10/2020 - Unfortunately the site visit has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Professional Panel Q&A

We had an excellent Q&A with professionals from Structural Design Studio, Reaveley Engineers, Ensign Engineering, Dunn Associates Inc. and KPFF Consulting Engineers

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