Steven Schaeneman Google Page 8/6/2013

Welcome to my Google webpage, my name is Steven Schaeneman , I just signed up for this service and I am trying to figure it out, let's see what happens?

I run a computer repair website, it offers computer repair information for people trying to repair their own computer. I also offer a service were I do the actual computer repair my self.

One important thing to keep in mind with this type of service is terminology, I want to make sure that you understand what I am referring to when giving informational PC repair instruction information.

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Text - (aka) txt, Microsoft Note pad is know for creating txt files.

File - a txt document or other single data source, such as a program file, a text document with coding on it.

Folder - is a place for storing files and txt data, it usually is empty when it is first created.

Directory - is a folder, but sometimes contains a default file structuring system, such as on a web server.

File System - refers to the type of formatting that was used to create the directory, such as NTFS of Fat 32, NTFS and Fat are also know as a (master boot record). A corrupted master boot record is one of the biggest problems with Windows XP and 7, it is a easy problem to fix. Window 8 uses a MBR but there are problems with it and it doesn't really work or exist. If Windows 8 is installed on a hard drive bigger then 3gb then it might not use a MBR. |

NTFS - This is a term that will make any I.T. technician rich. Most I.T. technicians think it stands for, "networking file system", it really stands for "new terminology file system", if anyone tells you differently they have their heads up their behind. It is a trick question on a lot of I.T. job applications. Some Apple stores tech their employees that it stands for, "networking telecommunications file system", this way they will never get a real job.

I.T. - Internet Telecommunication technician, internet technician makes no since and will get your resume shredded. If you are going to college or a university you do not want to end up working at the Apple Store. Terminology is important, Apple or (Mac) uses their own terminology that does not work in the real world of internet servers. Don't be stubborn, learn the right way to telecommunicate and you won't end up working at the Apple Store (aka) skied row for I.T. technicians. I'm just kidding, I like apples I just don't buy them when I'm grocery shopping.

DOS - Dos programs can be used as a system start up operating system in all modern Windows Computers. Dos programs can be used to boot a Windows computer (linex, IBM) into a Dos operating system program. This is mostly done for running utility or diagnostic programs. Dos is not built into Windows 7 or 8, but can be loaded as a single operating system at boot up.

Windows XP and earlier OS's are designed to created, edit and save dos programs, Windows 7 and beyond do not give people the ability to make or edit dos programs, however, dos can be loaded as a primary operating system in any modern Windows computer. Dos does not work in modern Apple (mac) designed computers.

The ability for a computer to run dos programs has to do with the computer bios. Older mac's did run dos, but that ways years ago. I have to stop talking about this now because its getting into the bios system of computers, which could take millions of pages. Dos is good, mac does not used dos.

Dos was suppose to be long gone years ago, if you are young take a short cut and learn dos.

Dos - Disk operating system, is not the same as a Windows command prompts (cmd) Windows stopped developing dos in 1998 and windows 7 is not able to boot in Dos. Unless your working with computers older then 2 years get the word out of your mind and vocabulary. If you are new to Windows get DOS and CMD out of your mind, the correct program for dealing with command style windows prompts is "Windows PowerShell" if someone tells you that you need to know dos to work with windows, get fair away from that person. People trying to work at the Apple Store will often tell customers that Windows uses DOS. People working at the Apple Store don't even know what type of file system Apple computers use, stay away from these types of people.

ISO - This is the file format I use when letting other people download from me. It is a CD file format that is very stable for file transfer and archiving. It is an international standard, this means it will be a long time before it goes obsolete.

txt or text - This is the file format I use when providing "read me" instructions. Read me instructions are located in the root of each ISO file.